Modern hotel bathroom with washbasin, shower area and WC

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System 815


Filigree design

Basic geometric shapes determine the design language of System 815. Elements of bent steel emphasize the filigree design of the sanitary system and give it its lightness. Minimalist use of materials and high functionality characterise the sanitary accessories for washbasin, WC and shower. System 815 is available with a chrome-plated, high-gloss finish as well as with a black matt surface. The inserts, such as soap dispensers or tumblers, are made of satin-finished crystal glass.


Adhesive mounting

With the System 815, HEWI offers the possibility of fixing bathroom accessories to the wall using adhesive. This means that no attention has to be paid to the joints and the products can be fitted according to the individual needs of the user. In addition, the adhesive fastening can be removed without leaving any residue, which prevents damage to high-quality surfaces. Mounting is done using an adapter with instant adhesion and a one-component adhesive in a practical dosing syringe, so there is no need to mix the adhesive. You can find an assortment of all the benefits of adhesive mounting here as a PDF.

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System 815

With System 815, you bring individuality into the bathroom. Give your bathroom design a personal touch in chrome and crystal glass or set accents in matt black.

Bathroom with washbasin and shower area
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