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Innovative HEWI fixing techniques
for every wall

Whether it's an existing bathroom or a bathroom in a new build, every bathroom wall becomes a challenge when it comes to fixing the fittings. Discover four innovative fastening techniques from HEWI for the wall.

Protrusions in the wall, small floor plans or an unfavorable room layout require individual planning, products and also installation techniques. It is important that these techniques are not only able to compensate for the respective wall unevenness and hold the products firmly to the wall, but that they can also respond to individual, design wishes. In the following, we present some innovative mounting techniques from HEWI.

  1. HEWI Sealing element
  2. HEWI plug-in latch connection
  3. HEWI Mobile solutions
  4. HEWI Novelty

Fastening material for any surface

Buildings differ in terms of their external appearance and wall structures. It is not uncommon for apartments and houses to have up to four different wall types. These wall types also require different fastening materials, depending on the piece of furniture that is to be attached. Drill a hole, insert a dowel, screw on the bathroom accessories and you're done. It's not always that simple. Many wall structures require extra dowels to connect the screw to the wall. HEWI offers different dowels and fastening materials for many products and different wall structures, so that every bathroom furniture and bathroom accessory can be installed on any wall.

1. For leveling uneven walls - HEWI sealing element

Due to wall unevenness and at the joints, fixing rosettes often do not seal completely flat with the wall. The HEWI sealing element provides a quick and reliable seal. The wall brackets of the folding support rails and shower seats as well as the fixing rosettes of the System 900 grab rails and bar systems can be equipped with it. The products are designed so that water does not collect on the surfaces and can drain off. This allows individual installation without having to take wall unevenness into account. The sealing elements are included free of charge with all corresponding System 900 products and can also be ordered individually as a set for the 801 range in the future.

Instructions for the installation can be found in the following video:


2.For smoothing angular tolerances - HEWI plug-in latch connection

Clever assembly techniques can also compensate for tolerances. As with System 900. The innovative corner connection makes railing systems and shower handrails particularly easy to install. Instead of the usual four fastening points, only three rosettes are required with the innovative plug-in snap-in connection. This makes installation much quicker and makes it possible to compensate for angle tolerances in the corner of the room of up to +/- 2°. This plug-in latch connection is suitable for all walls and facilitates installation on uneven walls. In addition, this fastening technique creates surfaces that are particularly easy to clean.

The example of this video can be used to understand the assembly of the plug-in snap-in connection:

Connection of two shower handrails

3. For attaching mobile products - Mobile solution from HEWI

The mobile solution means products such as the HEWI folding support rail or the HEWI shower seat, which can be removed from the wall or attached at any time. With this mobile solution, sanitary rooms can be flexibly adapted to the individual needs of the user. In doing so, they are not only highly user-friendly, but also offer the same functionality as permanently installed products. The installation of the mounting plate is easy to use and draws on the wide range of different dowels and fastening materials so that it can be attached to a wide variety of walls. On the other hand, the proven fastening technology for the installation and removal of the products does not require any tools. The mobile solutions are snapped into the permanently installed mounting plate and secured with a fastening screw. When the mobile solution is no longer needed, the mounting plate disappears behind a discreet cover. The room can therefore be designed to meet the user's current needs at any time without the need for further, complex installation.

4. New: In April, HEWI is launching an absolute fastening innovation on the market

The possibilities for mounting are diverse and the demand for new, innovative mounting techniques is not abating.
At this point in April, HEWI is presenting an innovation in the mounting sector that puts the question of wall composition to the back of the mind and makes mounting even faster and easier.

HEWI fixing techniques for every wall

Overall, the question of the perfect fastening technology is an important and essential one. HEWI therefore offers solutions for a wide variety of wall types and wall conditions that hold the product firmly to the wall and are easy to install. In this way, angle tolerances can be smoothed out, wall unevenness can be compensated for, and products can be flexibly attached to and removed from the wall.

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