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Promoting the well-being and recovery of the elderly 

Innovation and scientific research results were the driving force behind the redesign of the Neuroport Neurological and Senior Rehabilitation Center in Poznań, Poland, by the Zawieja Architectural Office. The scenic setting on the shores of Lake Kierskie was incorporated into the interior design – as was the knowledge that memories can be stimulated by links to the environment from early adulthood. Zawieja was inspired by the modular solutions of ENTRO, which offer consistent, continuous fittings from the door to the sanitary area and are completely compatible with HEWI systems.

Photo: Zasoby Studio, Design: Zawieja Studio

The up and coming architectural studio Zawieja from Poznań has addressed the question of how design and interior architecture can positively influence the well-being and orientation of the elderly and those in need of care. The result is an innovative spatial concept and visual guidance systems that positively affect the mind, body, and soul and always focus on the needs of the patients. In addition to the requirements for accessibility, psychological and social aspects were taken into account during the project planning.

Stimulate memory for well-being and orientation 

Following the research approach, the patient rooms provide plenty of space for individual design through personal pictures and objects in order to stimulate the memory centers in the brain. In the interior design, there are also recurring links to the design of the 1960s and 70s. Stimulating memory not only contributes to personal well-being but also helps the elderly to adapt to the new rooms and the spatial orientation of the building. This is supported by the division of the building into different color zones. The targeted use of colors and color contrasts on stairs, doors, and functional elements also promotes more intensive perception by people with visual impairments or dementia.  

Photo: Zasoby Studio, Design: Zawieja Studio

Photo: Zasoby Studio, Design: Zawieja Studio

Nature-inspired design promotes social interaction 

Many visually appealing communication areas were created in the approx. 3,500 m² of living and usable space: In addition to the 48 rooms and the rehabilitation areas, there are lounges, a dining room, a café, and a plant-filled conservatory. The color concept of the interiors is inspired by the surrounding nature. Warm, earthy tones are found on furniture and in hardware. Paintings with motifs from the plant world and seascape decorate the café, dining room, and conservatory and establish a direct link to the natural flora.  

Space for people 

With its innovative approach to spatial design, Zawieja Architectural Studio has made the rehabilitation center a dignified and special place. The many exquisite and subtly composed details further reinforce this impression and are a constant reminder of the intention of the architectural firm. Here, the focus is on the needs of the individual.

Photo: Zasoby Studio, Design: Zawieja Studio

Photo: Zasoby Studio, Design: Zawieja Studio

HEWI for more independence and self-reliance 

In this context, considerable attention was paid to both aesthetic and functional fittings in the bathrooms. Two important aspects were in the foreground. People with disabilities were to be given maximum independence and autonomy. At the same time, the high standards of design had to be maintained.  


the fittings and sanitary products (L-shaped support rail, swing-up grab bar, shower curtain rail with ceiling suspension, and towel bar) in aqua blue from the 801 range thus cheerfully accentuate the bathroom and, with their functional design, fulfill all the requirements for unrestricted use. The aqua blue is also used for the ENTRO handrail systems in the corridors in the spirit of consistent planning. In other areas of the building, the handrails are in timeless black.

The HEWI classics from the System 111 building hardware series are also in aqua blue and black. Designed by Rudolf Wilke in 1969, the lever handle has long been considered a design icon and thus joins the company’s aesthetically sophisticated style. The high-gloss polyamide solutions comply with strict hygiene regulations thanks to their non-porous and easy-to-clean surface.  

With HEWI and ENTRO, the architects were able to convincingly implement their innovative and creative approach down to the last detail and create an ambiance that promotes well-being and recovery and allows maximum independence and self-determination for people with restricted mobility.

Photo: Zasoby Studio, Design: Zawieja Studio

Photo: Zasoby Studio, Design: Zawieja Studio


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